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Comsearch Green Prior Coordination Notification (PCN)
Green PCN is Comsearchʼs latest evolution of moving Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) delivery into the digital age. You can access your PCN documents using the PCN ID code found on a postcard you receive through the mail. You just enter the random PCN ID code in the search box on the left of the page. You will be directed to a page with links to as many as four data files.

Click here to view samples and a description of the PCN files.

Why go Green?
The effort began nearly a decade ago when we made a decision to move to email delivery for those recipients able to accept a PCN in this fashion. That vision became reality in the early part of 2003. From that time forward, we have encouraged new and existing customers to consider this form of PCN delivery. As of 2010, approximately 65% of all licensees elect to receive PCN notices via email. The remaining 35% of recipients have policies or email filtering in place that does not allow email delivery of the PCN.

We feel this was a good start, but wanted to do more... On the surface, 35% “snail” mail delivery may not sound like a terribly large amount of wasted natural resources, but in 2009 alone this equated to several hundred thousand pieces of paper being printed, stuffed and mailed.

There has to be a better way... Move forward 7 years and along comes the concept of Green PCN where the underlying theme becomes “You decide.” You, as the recipient, can make a conscious decision to simply view the information, print it or selectively print as needed.

We hope the recipients of Green PCN (many of which are Comsearch customers) will view the dual benefit of conserving the environment and maintaining costs as a progressive move to the future for all involved.

We look forward to embarking on this new journey and appreciate your feedback on enhancing and improving this process.

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